Hey. I'm Fiona.

And man, I get it. Trying to build a virtual assistance business is HARD.

The industry feels so saturated. Only the same few virtual assistants get referrals. You feel like you're missing something.

You've been scoping out other virtual assistants, trying to see their sales pages.

Wondering how they're pricing their packages or even creating them.

Welp, look no further, because I completely broke my packages and processes down for you, free of charge, so you can implement it into your own virtual assistance business. I'm so booked out that I don't need it anymore. Click the button below to get the first e-mail to your inbox.


I'm looking for support and a group of open minded virtual assistants I can network with. No judgment or catty shit.


I'm trying to get my virtual assistance business off the ground but I'm on a tight budget. I need some legit free resources.

I am trying to create my virtual assistance packages and they're confusing me. Can I see exactly how you made yours?

I had no clients, couldn’t land interviews, and my website sucked majorly. Because of Fiona, I closed my home daycare and became a full time virtual assistant. When I had no support in my circle, Fiona gave me a chance and was the driving force behind my being booked out.
— -Caitlin Kularski, Virtual Assistant


For real, I know how tough it is starting your virtual assistance business. 
You don't have a lot of money or time in invest, but you need to get consistent clients - soon.
It feels like everyone you need is just trying to sell you something.

Come join me next Monday, 1PM Eastern, for a live coaching session.
No strings attached. Click the button below to sign up.

Before meeting Fiona, I didn’t know where to start with being a virtual assistant. Within 2 weeks, I landed two retainer clients! Fiona showed me literally everything I needed to know.
— Allyssa King, The Busy Unicorn